La Maison Dieu
  Guesthouse with charm
Welcome to the charming guesthouse “la Maison Dieu”, located in the centre of the Saint-Galmier village. This residence was the original house of the daughter of Mr.Badoit, discoverer of the water source named after him, Badoit (sparkling water).

Discover the peaceful guestrooms and the history of the Source and its village.

A medieval village with narrow cobblestone streets, picturesque and bathed in sunlight, lending it a southern touch and the scent of holidays.

Martine Peycelon will help you to find the leisure of your choice and will offer you an unusual way of discovering this region of the Loire valley.

La Maison Dieu was selected as one of 200 most beautiful guesthouses in France by Le Figaro Magazine in its issue of 6 and 7 April 2012.